A snarky, low-down, swamptastic jam from Jake Mack music, Can't Take Me No More is sure to peel the paint off your walls. Crank the speakers up, and enjoy!


You took me for a fool a year ago, last June
One time before that in the spring
Telling me I owe you some grand explanation
Babe, I don't owe you a single thing

You took me down as far as a poor boy could be
And pushed and shoved as far as my patience goes
Walking on the shore, I've drawn my line across the sand
Kiss my ass, you can't take me no more

You can't take me no more - now I told you
Only I hold the title to my soul
Babe, I'm gonna say it one more time, I ain't gonna say it again
Get outta my bed, I can't take you no more