1. Add It Up


I am always learnin from things gone wrong
Can see real clear in hindsight vision
But, I always come out better than when I fell in
And Oh – this is strange, now I can’t see
Someone flipped the switch at about half-passed three
This afternoon is killing me and I’m all right with that

I can’t explain the smile on my face
You shoved me to the ground
You were in a rage
I laughed all the way down,
You helped me fall into place
If you never reset my jaw
I’d still be talking funny
Acting a fool still chasing after money
Nickels and dimes don’t add up to much, anyway

Add it up
Copper and nickel ain’t a life worth living
When all this life
Is free to those who seek it,
All of those who need it
I’m gonna seek it again

You can take this job and find someone more qualified
I’m done eating dirt, done dying inside
Only took three months to get my fill
I’ve got love to give and places to go
I'm finally gettin' kicked outta my home
And I’ve never been so fine with that